Paksons Enterprises: Kericho Agricultural Expo 2023 Case Study

Asali F1 and Sukari F1 varieties of Water Melon

Our Customer Gilbert Bor in Kipsistet KERICHO COUNTY is Doing very Well with Asali F1 and Sukari F1 varieties of Water Melon πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Kudos Gilbert Way to go; November Harvest Done Currently next Crop is nearing Maturity.


Top dress with Ammonium nitrate 8g per plant (220g per 10m row using fertigation method) on days 7,14,28 after transplanting. From day 35 full dress with potassium nitrate 8g per plant(220g per 10 m row using fertigation method after every 10 days interval. Apply calcium nitrate at the fruiting stage as a foliar spray at 1% solution (10g per liter of water or 150g per standard 15 lt knapsack) after every 14 days.
✍NOTE: Spray calcium nitrate early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid fertilizer burn. Full cover spray (FCS) is required.

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