Paksons Enterprises

Paksons Enterprises Limited is one of the leading agricultural supply, based in Kericho County. Our core business is to provide and supply profitable and sustainable livestock and agricultural related goods and services, which are of better disease tolerance and of higher yields.

Paksons work hand in hand with famers helping them to come up with crop and livestock solutions which assist them in producing outstanding crops in both quantity and quality. Limiting post harvest losses, hence bringing about good agricultural practice. We also try our best to adequately respond to famers needs.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional farming, by providing quality goods and services at affordable prices. This also includes exceeding the expectations of all our customers.  Offer availability, access, stability and utilization of goods and services, becoming the partner of choice, while serving the farmer and the business community at large.



  The company is desirous and open to any funding opportunities that enable it to achieve its goals of changing the cause of humanity in providing sufficient agricultural produce to every Kenyan hence improves their living standards.

Quality Policy

Quality policy: Paksons Enterprises Limited is a private limited company incorporated in Kenya through the company’s act cap 486 (Laws of Kenya) in the year 2000 At Paksons we deal in Animal feeds, Agro-Chemicals, Seeds, Maize and other Farm Inputs, Agricultural tools Implements & transport services e.t.c.