Feeding a calf from birth to weaning time

Feeding a calf from birth to weaning time By FELIX OPINYA Daily Nation Calves are the foundation on which the future of any dairy enterprise is built. If good replacement heifers are to be found, the management of calves must be effective. Calf management starts even before she is born to the time she is…
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Farming Tips

The planet needs nutritious food, and that requires thoughtful, intelligent people to grow it. So if you’re genuinely considering farming as a career, tape the following 9 rules for starting a farm to your refrigerator, tack them to your barn door, or commit them to memory. After enough years of running my own farm, these…
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Welcome Farmers!

Welcome to our Blog Farmers, and the public in general. Everyone with interest in agriculture in general is encouraged to indulge us with any issues and challenges you have, and we shall all participate and have working solutions.
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