Paksons Enterprises Limited acknowledges the impact that information and communication technology has on a given firm or enterprise and more so in the running of the daily activities in the organization which involves; communication between the staff members, staff and the non-staff and even between the staff and the customers. In addition it also plays a significant role in the sales that are made by the firm on a daily basis . The company has therefore been able to embrace information and communication systems, with the following advantages:

- Record keeping has been made easier .
- There's reduced congestion since sales are made easier .
- Errors encountered by the company are easily corrected.
- O TIFEF Management System has been adopted which simply implies On Time In Full Error Free , Service and Product Deliver y System.

Moreover , the company has also embraced an SMS PLA TFORM system as a way of providing after sales services to the farmers who shop at our premises. This has increased the sales volume over time as the farmers are encouraged to buy our products . The short messages we send to them is as a way of appreciation for shopping and also meant for the challenges encountered by the farmers while using our different products (both farm inputs and agro-chemicals) which are easily addressed by visiting the farmers personally in their farms and through offering them technical advice.