Mineral Supplements

SOIL TESTING: Through Crop Nutrition Laboratory Analysis and Soil Recommendation.

Our Company Strategy

Our Mission

To provide exceptional farming, by providing quality goods and services at affordable prices. This also includes exceeding the expectations of all our customers. Offer availability, access, stability and utilization of goods and services, becoming the partner of choice, while serving the farmer and the business community at large.

Our Vision

To be the Most preferred and respected Agribusiness in the Region

Our Mandate

The company is desirous and open to any funding opportunities that enable it to achieve its goals of changing the cause of humanity in providing sufficient agricultural produce to every Kenyan hence improves their living standards.

Quality Policy

Paksons Enterprises is committed to delivery of quality and services to our customers at affordable prices that provide ultimate customer satisfaction through delivery of products that are of high-quality standards. To meet this, the Company maintains an environmentally friendly and healthy work, quality focused culture to ensure that we improve in all our endeavors, activities and nurture a genuine team spirit. The highest priority is placed on the safe-use, handling and efficiency of all our products, safety of our customers, quality of data supporting regulatory submissions and interactions with our stakeholders.