Preferred Stockist Model

Paksons Enterprises Limited is an agribusiness that deals with inputs and agro-chemicals. The company's daily activities mainly entails sales of products to stockists (retailers) and therefore work with the main goal of customer satisfaction through good customer relations which in turn has seen the company grow, thanks to our farmers. To achieve this, the company has taken part in providing extension services to farmers both in their farms and also through door-to-door services; consultation and helping of farmers improve their  businesses has also become possible. The company is therefore working to improve access to our quality farm inputs through partnership with Kenya Markets Trust . Since our major stockists are the retailers , we intend to improve our services through our preferred stockist model which mainly involves:

Delivering products on schedule.
Making products available to the farmers .
Training of farmers , stockists and staff .
Ensuring that the products on stock are relevant to the region
Partnership with excel farmers.
Co-branding with stockists with the aim of opening up new markets for our products.